Nauro: The Pacific Melting Pot, 2017

Nauru is a very tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

According to the “poisonous tongues”, or perhaps the realistic ones, it is used by the Autralian Government as a “deposit of undesired immigration”. It is here that Australians deposit what they consider necessary to be “process” before any worthwhile measure.

The “Asylum seaker” is someone that is persecuted due to social, religious or simply experiential reasons, they are unwanted in its place of origin, and therefore forced to seek asylum (and indeed, dignity) elsewhere in the world.

Unfortunately the immigration policy worldwide didnt adjusted to our furious immigration needs to this century and for this reason we beggin to discover places such as Nauru in the Pacific of Lesbos and Servia in Europe.

We face one of the biggest challenge of the century, Character. We see the most developed and old continents with little wealth in terms of values specially in what concerns this groups of vulnerable people. In other hand we see poor countries, as Uganda, accomudating hundreds of war refugees from their neighboring countries.

I question where our humanity is, when I see that Europe, or even Australia, receive just under 6% of the global refugees in their countries.

For this reason, and as mental health advisor im concerned with the dignity of people, I flew with Medicins Sans Frontieres, to Nauru.

My mission thad the goal of assessing the main Mental health Needs ande designing an adjusted mental health program. 

We concluded that the Mental Health needs where there, that it would add value specially  to help alleviate the side effects of those living there: For Nauruans, to develop psychological manifestations because they are forced to live with more than 20 different cultures on such a small island; For refugees, because many times are kept prisioners in the processing centers – average of 2/3 years –  and then imprisoned on the Island. It is a true case study of immigration laws, cultures and above all a huge challenge to our humanity.

After all, im curious about our Universal Responsibility. What should we do, as individual countries, to support the present highest percentage of immigration- higher than 2nd World War?