Publishing “The Emotional First Aid Box”

Managing emotions is a fundamental task for our well-being.
However, Western society favors rationality and neglects emotional education, and so many of us do not even know how to identify and understand emotions. Lacking the proper tools to deal with them. Throughout this book i help the reader build his/her own Emotional SOS Kit.
If you make a cut on the hand you certainly have a first aid box at home with a band aid. What happens when you feel sad or frustrated? When you can not deal with guilt, loneliness, or fear of the future? Some seek to ignore negative emotions, others crawl through them uncontrollably. With this book you will get to have a personal, non-transferable, first-aid box for your mental and emotional well-being.
A box that includes techniques and methods that the author has been accumulating over the years for consultations and humanitarian missions, especially in areas of armed conflict. With real life examples and practical advice, the author helps the reader to recognize, monitor and manage their emotions, and to be