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Being a social impact consultant gave me the ability of “changing glasses” whenever it comes to concetpts and pre-concepts, always focusing on the impact of actions in the world. As a psychologist and Mental Health advisor i develop my lent in what concerns health, specially in times of change and crisis.

As a therapist I focus in healthy perspectives of the patient’s life. I provide support in moments of life changes and crisis and together with my patient I trail a path to wellbeing, decreasing symptoms and encreasing functionality.

When intervening in emmergency contexts (with Medicins Sans Frontieres) as natural disasters, armed or human conflicts, i practice psychological first aid, brief therapies, EMDR or other tecniques that unblock and prevene trauma to arise.

Im my office in Lisbon, I use an integrative model, focusing on the needs of my patients. Letting them be the ones to define the type of change they are looking for, such as the pace and duration of the therapy choosing the techniques that suit them best. 

I studied in ISPA (in Lisbon), and decided to continue studing art therapy and Teatro do Oprimido in Rio de Janeiro. Later in Lisbon i also made a training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Regulation) because i was realyy interested in developing diferent skills and tools  that would allow me to be efficient in Individual and group interventions. In 2017 i made an intensie course in School of Life, that brought me many simple and easy methods to develop resilience.

I attended IES / Insead Social Entrepreneurship BootCamp in Portugal, in order to became a social enterperneurship consultant. With this training and the consultancyes i have been doing I put in practice strategic design and definition of programs, impact evaluation, defining missions and vision, Sustainability, leadership and strategy in order to define and implement social impact programms without roles replication.

My Services are: 

1.Consulting social entrepreneurship programs: Assessing needs; Definition; Implementation of Proposal; Management and impact of the programme – This consultancies can be made in different stages of the programm and the services either divided either all toguether.

2.Psychological consultations Present and Online;

3.Psychological Consultations in Portuguese and / or English;

4.Trainings in different areas: Crisis intervention and humanitarian, mental health and trauma; Human resources and Emotional Management.

5.Developing Welbeing programms in Companies: To prevene Burnouts and encrease funtionality

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  1. Olá Maria,

    Gostaria de saber se continua a fazer nutricoaching e como posso marcar.


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