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I am a Portuguese clinical Psychologist since 2005.

I am specialized in Art Therapy, Theater of the Oppressed at Centro Augusto Boal in Rio de Janeiro, and Social Entrepreneurship at IES / INSEAD. Since 2006 i have traveled the world with Doctors without Borders to design and implement mental health programs in various contexts. In humanitarian crisis contexts (as in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, supporting HIV patients  (2006/2009) in Libya during Kadafi War (2011), in Syria during the chemical weapons (2013), in Ukraine, near Donetz during the conflict (2014), South Sudan, Juba in refugee camp (2014) in the Floods of Brazil (2010) or in the earthquake in Turkey  (2012), in post-conflict contexts, like Kashmir (2012) or Cambodia (2015), and in amazing places like the Island of Princípe in São tomé to support a massive dismissal process (2016) or Nauru for na assessment and definition of Mental Health Proposal (2017).

I am currently based in Portugal as a consultant of social impact programs. I provide psychological support to the Portuguese population and travel once a year with Doctors without Borders.

2016 was dedicated to the book “Emotional First Aid Box” a book where i compiled stories from all over the world with the purpose of allowing the reader to travel outside, but also inside, since there are guidelines of how to build an Emotional SOS kit, since I provided tips, practices and techniques on how to recognize, monitor and manage emotions.

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